Technological way of dairy farming

Newtechnologicalproductive way of dairy farming

LAKTO has the most innovative and advanced dairy farming technologies

LAKTO Dairy Technologies provide scientific and professional solutions in dairy farming industry with nearly 50 years of professional experience and outstanding service quality.


Latest Technology

LAKTO Milking Technologies, are the most advanced milking machines which meet all the requirements of recent discoveries on animal and udder health in the world.

Healthy Milk

Animal welfare and the quality of the milk which we produce for our children have the utmost importance for us. For this reason, in LAKTO, every surface that contacts milk is 100% fit for food.

Research and Development

Our research and development activities aim for increasing the success and profitability of the farms.

Training Services

Seminars given by local and international experts, one-on-one trainings, basic and advanced courses, short, medium and long term custom design education programs are provided all year long.

Planning Services

You can rely on our expertise for any kind of structuring, technological choices, feeding programs, forage plant production, work package preparation, training and yearly planning in your establishment.

Consultancy Services

Correct knowledge and correct decisions are necessary in farms for more economical and effective management. We provide training and consultancy to help you in these matters.
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