LAKTO PULS Electronic Pulsator

LAKTO PULS Electronic Pulsator

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LAKTO-PULS pulsator  has  a very simple design that can fit all brands. Provides  perfect milking quality, does not get affected by vacuum level or environmental temperature.

Due to indirect valve control by pilot valves, low powered coils (only 0,11 Amps.) are utilized. A cooling effect of the air intake on the coils is designed to prevent disorders of pulsation due to overheating, even on long runs.

LAKTO- PULS2 can milk two clusters at a time for economical pulsation requirements.Central pulsation controlling unit controls up to 16 pulsators.

Pulsation rate and ratio can be adjusted according to farmer and  animal needs and displayed on LCD display. Controller has  the ability to sequentially  work the pulsators in order to reduce the vacuum fluctuations in the milking system that can occur due to pulsators.The pulsation controller is powered by an external switch mode power supplier. By this system, the PCB is protected from voltage fluctuations  that  may  take place in mains power.