LAKTOWASH is the only automatic washing and cleaning machine available for mobile bucket milking machines.

This causes,

  • High bacteria rate in milk,
  • Udder diseases,
  • High somatic cell in milk,
  • Lower milk yield

Small size farmers who produce more than 80% of the total milk, use mobile bucket milking machines forharvesting milk. It is very difficult to clean and wash these machines so proper washing after each milking is most of the time neglected by the farmer.

This situation causes FOOD WASTE as a result of

  • Discarded milk due to antibiotics used for teat diseases
  • Yield loss up to 20% in dairy products, especially cheese as a result of high bacteria and somatic cell amounts in the milk.

There is a wide range of losses on the farm, from low milk yield and increased veterinary costs to involuntary culling.

  • LAKTOWASH washes all surfaces where the milk comes into contact with; washes with hot chemical or natural-ingredients solution and performs the final rinse. It is compatible with the bucket lid of the existing milking machines of any brand in the farm.
  • LAKTOWASH reduces the bacterial load of raw milk from the first day it is used.
  • The somatic cell count in the milk of animals milked with clean machines drops significantly within 1-2 months due to reduced infection from the milking machine and assemblies.
  • It is the definitive solution to the problem of low quality raw milk.
  • It is very simple to apply the precise chemical amount thanks to the specially developed tablet detergents
  • LAKTOWASH uses water effectively – consumes much less water compared to manual pre-rinsing, manual washing, brushing and rubbing with detergent and then manual post-rinsing.
  • LAKTOWASH reduces the labor, increases the income – farmer can take care of other works after milking in the farm and receives premium due to improved milk quality.
  • Decreased mastitis cases reduces the treatment costs and involuntary culling due to mastitis


  • Fully automatic
  • Economic and practical solution with tablet cleaning
  • Alcaline washing and acid disinfection programs
  • Heater power: 4 kW
  • Motor power: 550 W
  • Voltage: 1x 220V