LAKTO CIP Automatic Washing System


LAKTO-CIP automatic washing unit controls the entire milking  system via preprogramed electronic PCB. It controls the vacuum pumps, electronic pulsators and automatic cluster removers during the milking or washing processes and regulates the operations of these units and all connected functions.

It automatically intakes the adequate amounts of cold, warm and hot waters required during the washing processes and the proper amounts of alkaline and/or acidic detergents required during the washing phases, respectively from thedetergent containers by dosing pumps. The unit automatically and respectively performs the rinsing,washing and drying operations.


-CIP1 is a controlling center for almost all the functions in a milking parlor.

These functions are:

-plate cooler coolant water valve to work only during milking, -milk transfer line drain valve -electronic pulsator, – automatic removers, -vacuum pumps,-the operation of the air jetter, -the automatic changeover between milking and washing regulators, -safety milking and safety washing, -switching on and off the intermediate heater during alkaline circulation, -operating the milk pump remotely for discharging the tank water after the washing stages.

Reliable, easy-to-operate and economical LAKTO-CIP1 is compliable  with any brand of milking systems.