LAKTO Milk Pumps


LSP stainless steel milk pumps are designed for elasticity to adapt for different installation needs on the field. The housing can be reversed for possibility of installation on both sides of thereceiver tank.

Due to precise machining and production of the parts, pumps perform  with very high efficiency and low power consumption. Below high capacities were actually reached:

Performance test results are at sea level

The high quality and perfectly manufactured mechanical seals minimize the off-time of the LSP milk pumps.

Milk Pump ModelMotor PowerSucking Head Vakuum LevelPumping HeightCapacity
LSP 141.5 kW50 kPa5 mt.14,5 ton/std.
LSP 141.5 kW50 kPa10 mt.11,0 ton/std.
LSP 141.5 kW0 kPa5 mt.18,0 ton/std.
LSP 110.75 kW50 kPa5 mt.11,5 ton/std.
LSP 110.75 kW50 kPa10 mt.8,5 ton/std.
LSP 110.75 kW0 kPa5 mt.13,0 ton/std.