LAKTO AK Milking Cluster


LAKTO-AK cluster is designed for high yielding cows. Main target on design is to minimize the vacuum fluctuation at teat ends. This is  accomplished by large claw volume of “490 cc” and large diameter liner-claw connection. Through the 14 mm inner connection to With its unique design, the milk passes immediately from milk liners to the claw, eliminating the physical pumping of the milk back into teat during massage phase.

Thanks to Patent pending heterogenic design of the liner walls, milking starts from teat top to teat end consecutively,  just like hand milking or a calf’s suckling. Ergonomically designed claw fits perfectly in hand that helps milker for easy attachment or detachment of the cluster.

All these features helps for an easy and healthy milking. When used in combination with  LAKTO-PULS pulsators, significant yield improvement and remarkable somatic cell count  drop should be expected right after initiating the usage of LAKTO-AK clusters.