MILKPORT: Mobile Hyrid Milker


Mobile Milking and Milk Cooling System for Small Ruminants

MILKPORT: Mobile Hyrid Milker creates  revolutionary effect on small ruminant milking.

  • Solar powered,
  • Travels to where the animals are,
  • Milksandcools,
  • Auto-washes,
  • Provides high milk quality,
  • Innovative,
  • Mobile milking and cooling system

Through MILKPORT’s professional milking, savings on labor are realized, milking is simplified and eased, milk quality is increased, numerous farmers are served.

MILKPORT increases farmer earnings by milking and cooling the milk where the animals are and enables it to be carried to milk processing centers in the best quality.

MILKPORT Mobile Hybrid Milker and Cooler: A new Business Model

The system has been designed to serve the small family businesses through unions or cooperatives or to be utilized by the small farmers who want to operate collectively.

It is especially a very good solution for sheep and goat farmers who do not have a milking parlour.

System bears the most developed‘food-grade’ milking and washinng system. The milking system is equipped with patented LAKTO milker assemblies and can perform top quality milking.
Comperehensive and multifunctional.
Enable seven the smallest farmer to produce top quality and cooled milk.

MILKPORT with 12 Milking Points Mobile Hybrid Milker and Cooler

  • Sheep and goat milking system with 12 milking points with 12 milker assemblies
  • 40 l stainless steel reserve tank
  • Electronic overflow inhibitor
  • 65 l PVC vacuum tank, vacuum trap and vacuum dispenser
  • 0,75 kW, 10 tons / hour stainless steel milk pump
  • 3-level milk pump float and control board
  • 635×85 mm replaceable milk filter, stainless steel filter body
  • 51 mm stainless steel milking line
  • 22×36 silicone washing line
  • 50 mm PVC pulsatorvacuum line,
  • 50 mm PVC main vacuum line
  • 3 kW-1000 l/min oil vacuum pump
  • Variable speed controlled vacuum pump driver
  • Servo vacuum regulator -3500 l/min capacity
  • Electronic control circuits and electronic control circuits whose pulse  rate and pulse rate can be adjusted.
  • Automatic on-off regular milking clusters with silicone rubber
  • Milking claw with vacuum valve
  • Stainless steel wash heads
  • 40 l. Stainless steel washing tub
  • LAKTO-CIP fully automatic washing system (electronic programmed control circuit, 3-way valve, 2 x1 l/min capacity dosing pumps, cold and hot water valves)
  • Trailer effective area of 10000×2000 mm
  • Single axle, wide track 2 wheels
  • Hydraulic brake interacting on the brake
  • 2 foldable side solar panel covers
  • 2 Ø80×600 mm side cover pistons, safety lock arrangement preventing the doors from closing suddenly in unusual air discharges
  • Cover pistons pressure regulator, electrovalvesand control buttons
  • 1.1 kW air compressor and 50 l pressure tank
  • 4 led lighting fixtures
  • 360 l steel cold water tank
  • 320 l steel hot water tank
  • Water tanks pressure regulator and safety valve
  • Total 17,280 VAh gel battery group,
  • Total 4960 Watt Monocrystalline solar panels,
  • 5000 W inverter
  • Solar charging unit
  • Vacuum pump frequency converter and vacuum transmitter
  • Fuse, V automat, drivers, 1x220V external use socket
  • 500 l stainless steel horizontal milk transport-cooling tank
  • 50 mm insulation,
  • 500 mm manhole
  • Rollbound evaporator
  • 1.5 BG compressor condenser unit
  • Thermostat controlled automatic cooling system,
  • 0.25 kW reducer mixer
  • Fully automatic washing system (electronic programmed control circuit, drain valve, 2 dosing pumps, cold and hot water valves)
  • In-tank washing head
  • DN50 tank outlet and butterfly valve
  • 4 stainless steel load cells
  • Weight indicator and printer connected to the indicator

‘’I know, as I am a farmer my self, agriculture cannot be  performed without machinery. Unite and buy machinery together.’’M. Kemal ATATURK