LAKTO Manure Scraper


It is possible to scrape two different manure alleys with the LAKTO -chained manure scraper set. It has two scrapers to clean the channels having a width of between 200 and 500cm. One set of manure scraper unit contains 2 scrapers in the determined dimensions, corner pulleys,driving unit with chain
tightener, calibrated and hardened marine chain of length according to the barn requirements and a programmable electronic control box.

The controlling unit can be programmed up to 25 different cleaning times. The scraper is resistant controlled. When any of the scraper encounters with an animal laying on the corridor, it leans against the animal for a preset amount of
time (and  times), then it stops and moves back in the opposite direction for a  set time and then it releans against the laying animal, attempting to make the animal stand up. If the animal does not leave, the device stops until  the next
stripping time. As a result, any harm or spooking to animal is avoided.

Driving unit electrical motor power varies according to the barn length  and  area and is supplied as 0.37, 0.55, 0.75 or 1.1 kW 3×400 Volts/50Hz. Power  consumption is very low especially compared to the hydraulic scrapers. Its operation speed is 2,8-3 meters/minute.